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Why reinvent the wheel? LBSI has decades of experience working with law firms of various sizes and specialties. LBSI is equipped to grow your firm as if it were our own.



LBSI’s team has decades of experience working with law firms of various fields and sizes. As a crucial resource for up-and-coming law firms, LBSI is equipped to grow your business as if it were our own.


We understand the pitfalls and opportunities that may await you as you grow your firm. That's why our management consulting services are crucial in helping you connect with the necessary tools and resources to help you avoid the pitfalls and optimize the opportunities. Our recommendations are designed to reduce overhead costs and develop an internal structure that gives your clients confidence in your company.


LBSI is constantly upgrading its services to stay current with changes in the billing and bookkeeping industry. We make your participation in the back-end process as minimal as you'd like. We can manage the entire operation so you can dedicate all of your time to obtaining new clients and winning cases.

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Benefit from LBSI's renowned financial management services.

Our services include bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, escrow & IOLTA, payroll, audits, strategic planning, virtual CFO and internal controls, merchant services and many others. In addition, we can assume any or all of your Human Resources functions, including payroll, 401K, life and health insurance, Leave and Personal Time Off (PTO) tracking, and compliance with parental leave and other mandated policies. LBSI's HR services increase employee satisfaction, improve recruiting and employee retention rates, morale and productivity  - all without increasing overhead or complexity within your organization. With LBSI you get specialized expertise in each of these disciplines, instead of rushed and poorly understood procedures loaded onto your overworked administrative staff. 

Besides this range of specific financial services, our experienced consultants can help you plan for a more successful, lucrative future, minimize tax obligation, and track revenue sources and employee productivity. You are free to choose only the services you need, when you need them, vs. "carrying" overhead employees.  

Service matters.

John M.

As a small company, managing bookkeeping while running my business meant spreading myself thin. LBSI was able to dive in and immediately make things easier. Now, my time is spent where it matters –  growing my business.

Kelsey R.

I feel at ease knowing that my books are done right. No more hours spent worrying and stressing trying to do it myself. They have saved me so much time.

Ready to find out more?

LBSI is the only choice for law firms looking to simplify or simply eliminate their in-house back offices. Our team speaks for itself.

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