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Payroll and Human Resources


  • Payroll processing isn’t just about paying your team. LBSI has the tools to act as your Human Resources (HR) department. We handle calculating hours, direct deposit, tax reporting and much more.

  • We can assume any or all of your Human Resources functions – not just payroll but 401K, life and health insurance, Leave and Personal Time Off (PTO) tracking, and compliance with parental leave and other mandated policies.

  • Whatever payroll or HR software you use, we have associates skilled in it. You’re never inconvenienced with learning curves or startup errors to learn different software that matches what your external HR service uses.

  • We handle the way you pay attorneys, on-staff paralegals, contractors and support staff flawlessly and flexibly. And the result? LBSI’s HR services increase employee satisfaction, improve recruiting and employee retention rates, morale and productivity – all without increasing overhead or complexity within your organization. And you get specialized expertise in each of these disciplines, instead of rushed and poorly understood procedures loaded onto your overworked administrative staff.

Ready to find out more?

LBSI, INC is the only choice for law firms looking to simplify or simply eliminate their in-house back offices. Our team speaks for itself.

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