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Client Invoicing

Our bookkeepers specialize in the intricate details of billing for law firms. Whether you need hourly, flat fee, contingency, or hybrid billing, you can rest easy knowing that no matter what type of case your firm is working on, the billing will be managed with the requisite attention and utmost care.

Our experienced invoicing specialists review time-sheets for accuracy and completeness, then create and send invoices in the format you specify. Our prompt attention to detail and proactive follow-up mean quicker payment and better cash flow for your practice – all without impacting your in-house staff.

In this day and age, most firms use some type of accounting software. But that can cause problems when you export to an accounting firm or external contractor. Not when you choose LBSI! Our staff are proficient in all the major financial packages, and many of the minor ones. We can also take raw spreadsheets and other “home grown” software as input. We can even recommend the right financial package for your needs, if you haven’t chosen one. You won’t have to redo your office’s procedures to use our services.

And given our staff’s broad expertise, you won’t have to endure learning curve or errors as inexperienced staffers learn to use software that a rigid external contractor insists on using.

Try us for all your invoicing needs. You’ll be pleased.

Ready to find out more?

LBSI, INC is the only choice for law firms looking to simplify or simply eliminate their in-house back offices. Our team speaks for itself.

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