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family-lawUtilize LBSI's vast expertise in growing successful law firms.

Why reinvent the wheel? LBSI has decades of experience working with law firms of various fields and sizes. This makes our team a crucial resource for up-and-coming lawyers both locally and nationally.

We understand the pitfalls and opportunities that may await you as you grow your business. That's why our management consulting services are crucial in helping network you with the necessary organizations and resources that will help you avoid those pitfalls and optimize those opportunities. Our recommendations reduce overhead costs and develop an internal structure that gives your clients a sense of security in your company.

 Join the ranks of our success stories.

Benefit from LBSIs renowned financial management services.

LBSI is constantly upgrading its services to remain up-to-date with the changes in the billing and bookkeeping industry. We make your participation in the back-end process as minimal as you'd like. We can manage the entire operation if you'd like so you can dedicate all of your time to obtaining new clients and winning cases.

Our services include bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, trusts, payroll, audits, internal controls, merchant services and many others.