• Payroll


    Payroll processing isn’t just about paying your people. Consider all the parts of your business that touch – and are touched by – your payroll functions. LBSI offers…

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  • Bank Financing & Trusts

    Bank Financing & Trusts

    LBSI is knowledgeable on all regulatory and compliance issues surrounding bank financing, escrow and trust formation relevant to law firms. We ensure your funds are protected and available…

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  • CFO Services

    CFO Services

    LBSI is available to work as your private CFO taking over all necessary requirements without the additional overhead and staff.

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  • Business Valuation

    Business Valuation

    One of the most important factors for new businesses to consider is their companies current

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  • Strategic Business Planning

    Strategic Business Planning

    We help firms get to their destination faster. We sit down with new and veteran law firms to

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  • Internal Controls

    Internal Controls

    Proper internal controls are essential for all law firms. Critical to the implementation of these controls is an appropriate

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  • Merchant Services

    Merchant Services

    We can manage all your credit card processing and echeck payments.

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  • Management Consulting

    Management Consulting

    What sets us apart from other businesses is our priority to expanding your firm and increasing

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  • Cash Flow Management

    Cash Flow Management

    LBSI offers advisory and consulting services that can help you substantially improve your cash flow performance.

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