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LBSI, INC is the only choice for law firms looking to simplify or simply eliminate their in-house back offices. Our team speaks for itself. 

our staff

  • Motti Bendet

    Motti Bendet is the founder and owner of Law Firm Bookkeeping Solutions, Inc.  Motti began his professional career as a small business owner in his own right. Knowing first-hand the difficulties that small businesses face, he turned his business acumen to assist small and medium size businesses to grow.  Motti has training as a bookkeeper and accountant with specific expertise Continue…

  • Mendy Rauh

    Mendy Rauh is the Sales & Marketing Director of LBSI. With over a decade of customer satisfaction working with corporations and firms of all different demographics, Mendy is an expert in understanding the needs of your firm and managing the necessary staff to make sure your plan is customized and optimized to your specifications.

  • Ilana Landau

    Ilana has 9 years of experience in law firm bookkeeping, specializing in every facet of the industry. She diligently oversees the bookkeeping operations and analyzes all corporate files before developing a strategy for financial success. She audits all bookkeeping and accounting work done in the office assuring that each task is completed to its perfection. Ilana is here to assist you Continue…